Maze Runner thoughts

Okay, I’v seen the first two films in the Maze Runner series. (I haven’t read the books.) I have enjoyed both films. I will probably see the next film in the series.

I think the first film is a bit better than the second film. I am not sure why but maybe I will figure out when I re-watch the first film. (Maybe it will be on Netflix soon.)

I liked the Maze but if the teens spent two films in the Maze that would have been a mistake. No setting in the second movie was as interesting as the Maze.

I think Dylan O’Brien is fine as Thomas, the hero of the series. Maybe if he had a better script that would help. I’ve seen him in Teen Wolf, so I think he can do more.

There are some plot holes. If that company just needed the teens’ blood, why were they in Mazes? Maybe that will be explained in the last film.

Okay, the Hunger Games series is better. This series is still enjoyable.


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