More sequels and remakes (Sept 2015 thoughts)

Another Underworld movie is being made. Why? Isn’t that franchise kind of worn out? I guess people are still going to the films.

Kevin Smith is making Mallrats 2. After that he is making Clerks 3.  I could say that this seems to indicate a lack of new ideas but his last movie Tusk was an original idea and it got really bad reviews.

Another Halloween movie is being planned. It is going be called Halloween returns. It is not a great title. The classic slashers of the 80s might need to take a break.

Roadhouse, the Patrick Swayze movie might be remade as a vehicle for Ronda Rousey. Okay. I am not too interested but it could work I guess. I don’t see why it couldn’t unless she is just an awful actress.


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