Franchise Fatigue Again

I still have some franchise fatigue. I thought was over it but lately the feeling has come back.

I feel like I should be a bit more excited about a new Terminator movie. It seems more likely that another sequel could happen than it did a few weeks back.I liked the last one but I’d be okay without another one.

I don’t feel interested in another Expendables movie or another Kick-Ass movie. I feel done with both franchises. I probably am done with another franchise or two.

I am not sure how interested I am in the new Star Wars movies. Some days I feel fairly interested but other days I remember the prequels being disappointing. Maybe my feelings will change the closer I get to the first new movie.

Maybe if I see a few trailers for interesting original films, this franchise fatigue will fade a little. Maybe franchise fatigue is something that never goes away completely. Maybe it comes and goes.




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