Movie Thoughts 8-27-2015

Vin Disel is threatening or promising a new XXX movie. I vaguely remember the first film but I was not anxious to see the character return. I suspect that a lot of other people weren’t either. Maybe the film will be good.

Terminator Genisys might get a sequel. It did well internationally.  I might see the sequel but I am not thrilled at the idea. I liked the film but I was okay with the thought that there might not be another film in the franchise.

Is Blade returning to the big screen? That is the new rumor but the rumor suggest the movie might focus more on Blade’s daughter. (She is new.)  I never thought Blade would return to the big screen.

Armie Hammer still carries the failure of the Lone Ranger with him. That seems unfair. That film has its faults but I don’t think Hammer was one of the major faults. I wish the Man from U.N.C.L.E. did better at the box office. It is a fun film.


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