Modern Romance by Aizi Ansari

This is a good book. It looks at modern romance and actor/comedian Aziz Ansari co-wrote this book with sociologist Eric Klinenberg. This is not really a humor book, even though it has some humor.

Topics covered include

  • Online dating
  • Texting vs phone calls
  • Texting behavior
  • Differences between romance today vs romance in the past
  • Dating in general

Ansari and Klinenberg ran focus groups, had an online forum, and consulted experts. They got stats and other information from online dating sites. They went to a few other countries to investigate. This is not just Ansari’s personal experiences or Klinenberg’s theories.

This is an interesting book.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Some Things I learned

  • People under 30 are more likely to text than call
  • Some social mores have changed a lot in last six years
  • Since about 2009 fewer phone calls have been made
  • Japan has a one of the lowest birth rates in the world
  • Some studies say that too much choice can be overwhelming

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