I may skip the Fantastic Four Movie

Even typing that title seems wrong. I liked the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four movies. I bought comics staring the team over the years and I remember when The Thing had his solo title and also when he had his own team-up book. I like these characters.

Critical reviews are bad. Also besides being bad it sounds like this film was made by people who don’t understand the team or Doctor Doom. I know you need to make some changes in adapting a comic  series or novel but you can do that while keeping the spirit of the novel or comic.

Okay, maybe it is possible that my affection for these characters is so strong that I might like the film more than I should. However it is more likely than if the film is bad as it is reported to be, seeing characters I like in such a bad film might depress me.

I think I will really skip this movie.


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