Movie thoughts 8-06-2015

Fantastic Four is getting bad reviews.  Oh well, not every movie is good and sometimes I like movie that critics don’t. Maybe it won’t be as bad as reviews say. I was hoping the movie would be good.

The trailer for Spectre looks good. The trailer for Goosebumps looks good too.  I know that Spectre will probably be better and more memorable but oddly both trailers are equally good. It probably doesn’t mean anything.

Jeremy Renner is at an odd place in his career. He is out of the Bourne movies, it seems, and he is a supporting player in Mission Impossible. At one point, there were rumors that he was going to replace Tom Cruise in that series. A few years ago it seemed like Renner was poised to a big deal. Now, it seems like he isn’t.

Mr. Holmes is good but maybe not re-watching. Ian McKellen is good as an older Sherlock Holmes in retirement. He is the major reason to see this movie. Maybe it would have been nice to see McKellen play Holmes a few years ago.


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