Movie Thoughts 7-30-2015

Vacation is getting mostly bad reviews. Maybe not every franchise needs to be revived. I hope it is not as terrible as reviews indicate because these writers are writing the new Spider-man movie.

Eight Days until the Fantastic Four movie. I haven’t seen any early reviews yet. I hope it will be good. I liked the previews but maybe not many other people did. There are also reports of trouble shooting the film.

Chris Pine is reported to be Steve Trevor in the new Wonder Woman movie. That is interesting but I think it is a good choice. There were rumors that he was going to be Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern Corps movie.

Channing Tatum might have left the Gambit movie. There are not a lot of details yet and it isn’t even sure if he left the movie. Maybe the movie won’t happen now or maybe he’ll be replaced.


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