Mission Impossible thoughts

Early reviews of Mission Impossible Rogue Nation have been good. Maybe the film will be good, I plan to see it. This franchise is in good shape, it seems.

Somebody compared the Mission Impossible franchise to Spider-man. Tom Cruise is still the star of this franchise after 20 something years but there is going to be a third Spider-man. It is an interesting point but I am not sure it means that much.  I think this franchise is tied to Tom Cruise more than Spider-man is tied to the actors.

I liked the last Mission Impossible a lot.  The plot and action scenes were good and I liked some of the gadgets. (It is nice to have them because James Bond went without gadgets for a while.) I’ve seen the film two or three times and I will probably see it again.

I don’t really remember the first three films in the series but I am sure I’ve seen them. (Or at least I’ve seen 2 of the first three films.) Maybe I will re-watch one of the first three films.


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