Movie Thoughts 7-19-2015

Judd Apatow is getting less popular in the last few years.  His last two movies were not hits and now he is getting a reputation for not editing his movies.  His latest movie is Trainwreck staring and written by Amy Schumer.  This is the first movie that he directed that he didn’t write and apparently it feels overlong according to some reviews I heard.

Vacation comes out in less than 2 weeks. I am not sure what I think. None of the trailers have been compelling. I am not a fan of lead actor Ed Helms. I wasn’t a fan of the Office. However if reviews are positive, maybe I will see it.

People/critics are predicting that Fantastic Four will fail. I hope it doesn’t. However there are plans for a lot of superhero movies in the next five years, maybe it is unavoidable for some films to fail.


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