Franchise Fatigue?

I am done with the Kick-Ass series. I have seen both films in the series and don’t feel an interest in re-watching them or seeing sequels or spin-offs. I guess that could change but it doesn’t seem likely.

I think I’m done with the Transformers series too. I guess that can change too but I skipped the last two movies In the series. I don’t regret skipping them and haven’t been tempted to see either one.

Maybe I have a limit on how many film franchises I want to follow. Or maybe there are so many franchises, that if one franchise slips or my interest wanes, I just move on to the next franchise. 

Maybe “Franchise Fatigue” isn’t the right phrase. I am still interested in a lot of franchises.  I haven’t lost interest in the Star Trek or Marvel movie franchises.


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