Why did Tomorrowland fail

Tomorrowland failed at the box office.  Why did it fail? The easy answer is that it failed because it cost a lot to market and make and didn’t make enough money in ticket sales.

Easy answers are cheap and maybe not helpful. So, why did the movie fail? And does its failure mean anything or it is just a fluke?

Possibly the movie failed because it is good but not great. I liked it but even I found it a little old fashioned and corny.  Possibly other people felt the same way and didn’t recommend it too strongly to their friends.

There are a lot movies released during the summer. Maybe people just were more interested in other movies. Pitch Perfect 2 made a lot of money, and so did Furious 7.

Did Tomorrowland fail because it was not a sequel or remake? I saw some articles that suggested that but I don’t think this could be the major reason. It might have been part of the reason.

Maybe it was a combination of things. I like George Clooney but how many hits has he had? Maybe his presence in a movie doesn’t sell tickets.


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