I have watched a lot of Pysch on Netflix lately and I like it. I don’t love it but it is pretty good at times. I have liked most of the episodes I’ve seen. It ran for eight years on the USA network.

James Roday stared as Shawn Spenser, a psychic detective working for the Santa Barbara PD. Dule Hill co-stared as Burton “Gus” Guster Shawn’s best friend who works for a drug company when not helping Shawn. Rhodey and Hull had a good chemistry.

Shawn is not really psychic, he is just very observant and has a near photographic memory. Henry, Shawn’s father, trained him from childhood to be a cop. Through circumstances hard to explain, Shawn tells the police he is a pyschic and he has to keep up the ruse.

I like the show but I can see why some people wouldn’t. Shawn can seem a bit too much at times. His gestures and visions might not appeal to some people.

There are a lot of  flashbacks to Shawn’s childhood. Luckily, I enjoyed most of them and there is usually only one flashback per episode.

The supporting cast is good. Shawn works mainly with four police officers, and later his father who comes back to the police force to handle consultants. Shawn develops a romantic relationship with detective  Juliete o’Hara, played by Maggie Lawson.

I have not seen every episode but I’ve enjoyed what I have seen. The show has a case of the week format but with some subplots. If the cast made a cable movie, I’d be interested in seeing it.






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