Some of Christopher Lee’s best films

The films listed below are some of the best films by Christopher Lee. Or they are some of the ones I like best. He made a lot of films, maybe 250, and I did not see a lot of them. I think I saw thirty.

  • Horror of Dracula
  • Curse of Frankenstein
  • Gremlins 2 the new Batch
  • The Three Musketeers
  • Horror Express
  • the Man with the Golden Gun
  • the Gorgon
  • the House that Dripped Blood
  • Dr Terrible’s House of Horrors
  • Sleepy Hollow

This is not a perfect list. I don’t think Lee had a big enough part in the Lord of the Rings movies to include those movies on this list.They’re good films though.

Six of the films on this list co-stared Peter Cushing. They made 22 films together, although in a few films they never shared a scene (some of those were anthology films).

Jurassic World probably would have benefited from Lee’s presence.


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