Movie thoughts 6-11-2015

Jurassic World is getting mixed reviews. Apparently the dinosaurs look good but the plot might be pedestrian. Oh well, maybe it will be fun and not every movie is a classic.

I am not sure about the new Terminator movie. James Cameron has said nice things about it. However the last two films in the series were forgettable. Sometimes I think the series needs to be retired for a few years.

Tomorrowland flopped. It is disappointing but I enjoyed the movie.  Apparently the studio had trouble marketing the movie. I surprised it cost so much to make, a reported $180 million. Why do movies cost so much to make?

Chris Hemsworth has signed on to be the receptionist in the Ghostbusters movie. Well, maybe it will work out for him but why does he want to be a supporting player in a movie? I am not sure I’d want to if I were him.


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