Christopher Lee RIP

Christopher Lee died this week. He was a great actor and there is probably no one that compares to him. Or at least there is no one who comes to mind right away.

In recent years, Lee worked less but he did appear in the Hobbit trilogy.  He was good as always. It would be nice if his last movie had been a classic. He also appeared in the Lord of the Rings films and the Star Wars prequels.

Lee might still be best remembered for his role as Dracula. He played the role several times. He last played the role over thirty years ago. He was good, even when the films faltered.

Lee worked with Peter Cushing in several films. Cushing played Van Helsing opposite Lee’s Dracula in Horror of Dracula. That movie is a classic.

He had a deep and powerful voice. He did a great job on the narration on Necessary Evil, the documentary on DC super villains. He was tall and imposing. He was a great villain.

He will be missed.


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