Faster re-watched

I will try to avoid any speed related puns in this post.

This is a revenge movie. Dwayne Johnson gets out of prison and he wants revenge on the men who killed his brother. Johnson and the screenplay don’t relie on his likability at all.

Billy Bob Thornton stars as the cop who is investigating the killings. He is days from retirement and he looks shaky. He and his wife are separated or divorced.

There is a hired killer hunting Johnson.  The killer wants to move on from his career but he has committed to this job. It becomes one last job.

There are a few surprises along the way. That was nice. The performances are good. This is not great but it is good.

Johnson is not at his best as a grim seeker of vengeance. There is a likeabilty to his screen persona. So as good as this movie is, I think better movies are in Johnson’s future.


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