Remake thoughts June 2015

There will be a remake of Big Trouble in little China with Dwayne Johnson. Well, I guess it can work. That was a fun movie. Johnson might be a good choice to take the Kurt Russell role.

The Remo Williams remake seems to be on ice. I haven’t heard about it in months. I wanted to see a remake. The Doc Savage remake seems to be on ice as well. I wonder if there is a remake central website to check on all these remakes.

I don’t want a Dirty Harry remake. I don’t want to see anyone else in that role.  Actually, I think maybe Ed O’Neil could be good as Dirty Harry but I still don’t want to see a new Dirty Harry.

Some remakes just don’t work and I wonder why the success rate of remaking films isn’t higher. I would think that you could look at a film and see what worked and what didn’t before remaking it. I guess it is not that easy.


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