San Andreas

Dwayne the Rock Johnson stars as a helicopter rescue pilot named Ray in this disaster movie. He is likable as always. He doesn’t throw a single punch in this film and there are no fights.

Alexandra Daddario star as Ray’s daughter, Blake. She is going to college and Ray is going to drive her up. Then disaster strikes and Ray is needed. (There is a gratuitous scene with Alexandra in a bikini. Male fans won’t complain but to be fair I don’t think female fans will complain about the Rock in the muscle shirt.)

Ray’s ex- wife Emma is dating a millionaire developer named Daniel (played by Ioan Gruffudd).  When the disaster strikes closer to home Ray has to save Emma. Daniel and Blake are together but he deserts her and two English brothers come to her aid.

The effects are good. I probably will not be in a parking garage in the next few days.

Paul Giamatti has a supporting role as a Cal Tech professor. He brings class to the movie. It is kind of a shame that he didn’t get to have any scenes with Johnson.

Blake gets to both pretty and resourceful. A lot of female characters in these movie might only get to be one or the other.

The movie is not great and it is odd to see Ian Gruffudd play a less than heroic character.  Also it seemed a little cynical that people were stealing big screen TVs instead of getting to safety.


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