Recent Sequels I skipped

Night at The Muesuem: Secret of the Tomb, Anchorman The Legend Continues, and Paul Blart 2 were sequels I skipped. I also skipped Dumber and Dumber To, and Grown Ups 2. So I draw the line somewhere on movies. I also skipped This is 40, which is sort of a sequel or at least a spinoff.

The movie’s mentioned above are all comedies. Am I against the idea of a comedy sequel? I enjoyed the Vacation movies and The Back to the Future series. It has been a few years since those films though.

I also skipped the Hot Tub Time Machine 2. It, like a lot of the movies mentioned in the first paragraph, looked bad. Also some of these movies did not to me seem to need sequels, or another sequel in the case of Night at The Museum.

I don’t go to horror movies, so I don’t go to horror sequels. I take my nieces and nephews to cartoon sequels and I go to action sequels. Maybe I am at least a bit anti-comedy sequels.


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