Tomorrowland is out and it is good but maybe not great. Brad Bird directed and co-wrote this film. Bird was the director of the Iron Giant, the Incredibles, and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Tomorrowland is not his best work.

A young woman named Casey finds a mysterious pin that transports her to another world. This is world is Tomorowland, a place where geniuses were striving to improve the world. Alas, both worlds have fallen on hard times and people have given into despair.

George Clooney co-stars as a man who has been exiled from the other world. He helps her get back after he becomes convinced that she can help save the world. The world needs saving.

It is enjoyable. Clooney is good and Brit Robertson is good too as Casey. The movie is kind of corny and old fashioned. Maybe director Bird’s previous films were so good that I expected too much.


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