Movie Thoughts 5-24-2015

Top five movies seen in theaters 2015 so far

  1. Avengers Age of Ultron
  2. Selma
  3. Foxcatcher
  4. Furious 7
  5. the Duff

It has been a bit of an odd year.  Maybe a few of these movies won’t be on my top ten list. Critics loved Mad Max; Fury Road but I lost interest after an hour.  I had no interest in Pitch Perfect 2.

I have not heard anything about the Remo Williams/ the Destroyer remake in a while. I wonder if something happened and it got canceled. I would like to see a new Remo Williams movie.

Paramount reportedly thought the original script for Star Trek 3 is too “Star Treky”. Apparently Paramount looks at the success of the Avengers movies and wonders why Star Trek can’t be that popular. That is the gossip I have heard on podcasts.


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