Fantastic Four Re-watched

With the reboot of Fantastic Four coming out in August, it seems like a good time to re-watch the original film. So I did and I still liked the film. It is not great but it has some nice moments.

The oddest aspect of re-watching the Fantastic Four is seeing Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch. Evans is good in the role but he is best known now as Captain America. Evans has a good buddy chemistry with Michael Chickilis’ the Thing. It is funny to see them pull pranks on each other.

Jessica Alba took a lot of criticism for her role as Susan Storm. I don’t think she was that bad. She is not the worst actress ever cast as a scientist. She and Evans don’t look that much like brother and sister.

Ioan Gruffudd is good as Reed Richard/Mr. Fantastic. He is likable but also a bit remote.  His relationship with Sue is good and his relationship with the Thing is good.

The Thing is the heart of this movie. Michael Chiklis is good in the role.

The worst thing is the villain. Victor Von Doom is played by Julian McMahon and he is not great. Maybe with a better actor as Doom, the movie would have been better.

I am probably being generous in my views on this movie.


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