TV thoughts 5-2-2015

I am ready for Community to be over. Unless the last 5 or 6 episodes are really good, I think I don’t want another season. The last episode was bad or least below average.  They are going to do another paintball episode, is that a bad idea? I am not sure.

The Flash looks like it will end on a high note. Also Iris finally knows Barry’s secret. Which is good because I think the storyline of her not knowing might have lasted three or four episodes too long. Grodd appears next week.

Arrow has been a mixed bag at times but it looks to also ending on a high note. Maybe moving Colton Haynes off the show will be good for the show, even though he and his character Roy stepped up in the second half of the season. Maybe reducing the regular cast by a character or two is the right move.

iZombie is developing nicely. I will continue to watch it and I hope it gets a second season. I have enjoyed the show a bit more than I expected.  I wonder if it get a 22 episode season next year,

I hope Constantine comes back. I think a second season could be good. Maybe Papa Midnite could appear a few times again. Maybe Dr. Fate could appear, that could be nice.


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