Avengers Age of Ultron

This is not as good as the first movie.  Maybe it couldn’t be that good. Maybe the first movie was special because it brought the team together.

In this movie the Avengers fight Ultron, who is a creation of Tony Stark. Stark had a horrible vision of the Avengers dead and defeated, so he decided to try to create/modify an artificial intelligence. It did not work well.

Ultron has decided to destroy humanity instead of keeping the peace. Yeah, that seems an odd bit of thinking or malfunction. Villains still aren’t the strong point of the franchise. I guess it makes a kind of sense but Ultron comes to “life” and then turns evil within the first few minutes of life.

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye gets a bit more to do in this movie and it is revealed that he has a secret family. If that had even been hinted at in his other appearances, I don’t remember it. In the first movie he probably got the least development, so a little extra focus on him was nice.

It was nice to see some fun in the movie. The party scene was nice and so was the after party with various team members trying to lift Thor’s hammer. Well, maybe if there is no fun in the DC superhero movies (and it looks like there won’t be), there is still fun in the Marvel movies.

The Black Widow and the Hulk/Banner are in a relationship or moving towards one? I did not see that coming but I am not complaining. She needs her own movie but for some reason won’t get one. (I still don’t understand that.)

I am not sure where Nick Fury got that helicarrier and the personnel to staff it. (I guess that could be explained in a bonus feature.)

Three new heroes join the team during the movie. There is a lot going on in this movie. There is not too much going on but it is close.

Well, the next Marvel movie is Ant-Man. Maybe a smaller scale story will be a nice change of pace.


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