More thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer

Well, this trailer was a bit more fun than the Batman v. Superman trailer.  That is nice. I think there will be one trailer before the film opens.

Maybe it would be nice to see some more of the new characters. I like the clsssic cast as much as anyone but it is time I think for some new blood.  This is supposed to the start of  a new trilogy after all.

It is always nice to hear the John Williams score. Harrison Ford looks old, so maybe it is time to pass the torch to a new generation. I kind of wish Billy Dee Williams was going to be in the new movie. (Yeah, that sort of contradicts me saying the series needs new blood.)

Also that line “the Force is strong in my family” echoes Return of the Jedi. That is nice but that relies a lot on nostalgia. Nostalgia is nice but too much of it can be a bad thing.


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