Furious Seven

Okay, this was good. I liked part six a little better.

Jason Staham enters the franchise after his cameo in part six. He is Deckard Shaw, the brother of Owen Shaw (the villain from part six).  He is out for revenge.

That seems like a simple plot (perhaps too simple), so Dom and his crew get recruited by Kurt Russell to steal the eye of God, the ultimate surveliance program so they can find Shaw. Oddly Shaw seems to pop up wherever they go.

The plot is best used to provide an excuse for over the top fights and car stunts. Some of the stunts are pretty good and the fights are also pretty good. There could be a bit more humor.

Paul Walker’s Brian gets written out of the series because of the actor’sdeath. I thought that was well handled. He will be missed.

Tony Jaa was on hand to provide some menace. It was nice to see him, maybe this will give his career a boost.  (I think his career stalled a bit.)


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