Above the Law re-watched

I re-watched Yuen Biao’s Above the Law (it is also known as Righting Wrongs). This is a Hong Kong movie from the 1980s staring Yuen Biao, one of the Seven Little Fortunes troupe that included Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. The Fortunes got into movies and some of them (Chan, Hung, and Biao) made films together.

Yuen Biao stars as a lawyer but he still get into plenty of action out of the courthouse. After becoming frustrated with the legal process, he takes the law into his own hands. Cynthia Rothrock co-stars as a cop (she was a former martial arts champion turned actress).

Yuen was really good in this film. He has an agile fighting style. This is not his best film but it might be one of his best and it is one of the better ones without Hung or Chan. It still holds up.

I think the best film I saw with Yuen Biao is Dragons Forever, the last film Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and he made together.


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