Movie thoughts 3-30-2015

I still get all the horror movie trailers even though I have not gone to a horror movie in years. Neither horror movie trailer interested me at all, There is already going to be a third Insidious movie (that seems kind of sudden).

Avengers 2 opens in about a month. I hope it will be good, and I expect it to be good. It is a relatively slow year in terms of number of superhero movies. I think there are six or seven next year, for example.

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart teamed up for a movie called Get Hard. I find both to be too much at times, so I skipped it. Reviews are pretty bad on average.

Is Hart worried about being in too many movies? This is his 2nd film of the year and he had three or four movies last year.  Isn’t he risking overexposure?


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