I liked this a bit more than Divergent. There were not moments that took me out of the movie. It is not great but it is worth seeing. I am not saying this series is as good as the Hunger Games.

Tris and Four, the heroes of this franchise, are on the run. They are being hunted by the ruler/head of the factions. The head of the factions wants something and maybe I watch too many movies but I don’t remember the “thing” from the first film.

There are some dream type sequences and those are fun, The dream type sequences were fun in the first movie. The leading man, Theo James. is okay but maybe he doesn’t have the best material.

Octavia Spenser showed up for a brief time. Maybe she will come back in the next film. Or maybe she was just in this film to add a touch of class.

I am interested in seeing the next film (or films) in the series. I reserve the right to lose interest in the franchise in case the next film looks really bad.

One critic, I don’t remember which one, said that Shailene Woodly is not quite Jennifer Lawrence. Well, isn’t that good? If they were too much alike, wouldn’t that be kind of bad?


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