Mark Waid is keeping busy

Mark Waid, the great comic book writer, is keeping busy. He is still working on Daredevil and he has been writing it for about 3 years (or maybe 5 years). Daredevil gets good reviews and sales are steady. Maybe it is past time I check it out.

Waid is going to write the relaunched Archie series. Archie comics has had a revival in the last five years or so. I’d be tempted to call it a comeback but the company never went away. I am not sure if he has signed up for a short term.

Dynamite comics is going to start a new comic with the pulp hero the Avenger. Waid will write it. So, if his Green Hornet series has ended, he is moving onto another classic hero.

Waid will also write the new Avengers comic after the Secret Wars. (Well he will write one of the new Avengers comics.) The cast looks interesting with the new female Thor, the young Ms. Marvel, and Miles Morales/Ultimate Spider-man.


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