Movie thoughts 3-11-2015

Is Vince Vaughn on his way out? It seems like a long time since his last hit film, maybe six years or longer. His latest film Unfinished Business got panned by critics, and it didn’t open well.

Chappie did not open well either and it was panned by critics.  Maybe District 9, the director’s first film, was a bit overrated in hindsight. I thought about going until I saw some of the reviews. The previews looked good, just proving that it is hard to make a bad trailer.

Disney’s new live action Cinderella opens this weekend. I wonder if it will be good. I haven’t heard much about it, except for the fact that a Frozen Short will be shown before the movie.

Insurgent opens next week.  I want to see it. The oddest thing about it is Miles Teller having to promote it, if he does. He said he felt dead inside while making Divergent. He tried to walk that back.


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