Book Thoughts March 2015

The Strings of Murder by Oscar de Muriel could be the start of a new historical mystery series. A Scotland yard inspector, Ian Frey, is transferred to investigate a murder which looks like it could be related to the ripper killings. He is teamed with another inspector who believes in the supernatural and the case looks to have supernatural elements. It is pretty good.

Motive is the latest Alex Delaware novel by Jonathan Kellerman. I am not finished yet but so far it is good. Alex Delaware is a psychologist who assist LAPD officer Milo Sturgis. John Rubinstein reads it and does a good job as always. I think he has read all the books in the series. This is a long running series and I cannot remember the last book in the series I didn’t enjoy.

Johnny Carson by Henry Bushkin is interesting.  Bushkin was Carson’s lawyer and business partner. The book does not have a lot of details about the making of the Tonight Show. This book is more about the private side of Carson.


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