Movie thoughts 2-14-2015

I think there were six trailers before Kingsman and I was not interested in four of them. That is slightly disappointing. The Fantastic Four trailer still looks like an Interstellar trailer.  I still don’t know why I get all the horror movie trailers since I’ve only been to maybe two horror movies in the last six or seven years.

Fifty Shades of Grey got mostly bad reviews  but apparently Dakota Johnson got some good reviews for her performance.  If the male lead Jamie Dornan got good reviews, I have not seen any. On What the Flick they said a young Billy Zane could have been good as the male lead.

I might have slightly overrated the Kingsman. I liked the movie but maybe in hindsight, I might have like the novelty of Colin Firth being an action hero a lot. I guess if you lived in Kentucky, you might not like the fact that the villain came to your state to try out his device on such awful people.  (I got the feeling that we were not meant to feel any sympathy for the people in that church.)

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opens next weekend. I might skip it. It doesn’t look that funny and I don’t remember wanting to re-watch the first one in the last year and a half.  John Cusack won’t be back, he is being replaced by Adam Scott (well sort of). The first movie came out almost five years ago.


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