Colin Firth stars as a James Bond style spy (maybe in the tradition of Roger Moore) in this movie. It is adapted from a comic from writer Mark Millar and artist Dave Gibbons (so it probably looked great at least).  Mathew Vaughn directed it and co-wrote it.

Firth’s character Harry Hart recruits a young man Eggsy to replace his father in a secret spy organization known as the Kingsman. While Eggsy is being trained, Harry investigates a billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) who has a sinister plot to decimate the world’s population.  Maybe it would be nice if  the villain’s name was a bit goofy.

This is fun. Some of the action scenes are good and Firth is good in his role. Jackson’s lisp is not annoying (in the comericals  the lisp seemed like  it could be annoying) and he seems a lot less commanding than he is as Nick Fury.  There are some nice touches of humor.

However if I don’t see ten better movies this year, I will be disappointed.


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