Spider-man’s movie future

Marvel and Sony have reached an agreement to share Spider-Man.  Some of the details are still vague but apparently Spider-Man can appear in Marvel movies. And some characters from Marvel movies could appear in Spider-Man movies.

People who were fired or let go or asked to move on

  • star Andrew Garfield
  • director Marc Webb
  • producers Avi Avad and Matt Tomalch (they apparently can come back but with very limited power)

I don’t think Garfield is part of the problem. At times, he was pretty good. He and Emma Stone were good together but Marvel wants a younger actor in the role. To be fair, he will be 32 by the time the next film starts shooting.

Director Marc Webb is gone. I am not sure he is at fault either. I think the scripts were bad. (At times the second Amazing Spider-Man movie seemed to be setting up future films as much as telling a story.) Maybe Webb can go back to less action oriented movies and that might be a good fit.

I know some people blame Avi Arad for the series’ decline domestically at the box office. He has been involved in all five films. I know that even Andrew Garfield blamed him for the uneven Amazing Spider-Man 2. (I don’t remember any rumors about Tomalch.)

Apparently Sony still plans to do their Spider-Man spin-offs. Marvel might not be involved in those films, which seems a bit odd.



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