Avenging Force

This is a good movie from 1986. It is not a classic but it is enjoyable. The director and stars of American Ninja team again for a more serious movie (relatively more serious anyway).

Michael Dudikoff and Steve James fight right wing nuts. Dudikoff is a former secret service agent and James is running for the Senate. That is the plot.

The villains are a secret society called Pentangle. They are racist and want revenge on James’ character for blocking them from building a factory. They claim to be worried about a decline in America and its values. Also, they hunt people in a swamp.

Dudikoff and James are a likable pair and some of the action is pretty well staged. James’ character drops out of the movie but they have a good buddy chemistry.

This blu-ray features an introduction by director Sam Firstenberg. It is not bad. He says that he thinks this is his best movie. Maybe it is.


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