Foxcatcher is good. It starts out a little slow. It is a bit long but not too long. It is based on a true story.

This is the story of three men, John DuPont, Dave Schultz, and Mark Shultz. The Schultz  brothers were Olympic wrestling champions and DuPont was a rich man with an interest in the sport.

DuPont hires Mark at first to train wrestlers. There is something odd about DuPont but it is hard to determine what exactly. There is a reserve to Mark Schultz. He is not very outgoing. Of the three men, Dave Schultz seems the most normal.

Dupont works on Mark’s resentment of Dave. As much as Mark has accomplished, he is always seen as Dave’s little brother. Dave is brought in as a coach later after something happens between Mark and DuPont. Later DuPont kills Dave.

Steve Carrell stars as John DuPont. He is unrecognizable under makeup and hair dye. At first it is a bit distracting.

Chaning Tatum stars as Mark Schultz. He is good. Tatum is probably a bit underrated at times.


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