TV thoughts 1-23-2105

The new Flash and Arrow episodes continue to be good. Arrow has been a little down this year but it seems to picked up recently. Both shows will return next season. I wonder if the Flash will be better in season two.

Is Modern Family the best comedy on TV? I do like it a lot but best on TV might be a bit much to say. I am not sure which show would be better. I like Community a lot.

I have not watched any episodes of Family Guy or American Dad in months. Maybe I have lost interest. I don’t know why I lost interest. I have not seen American Dad since it moved to TBS.

Mulaney is bad. I still think that he, John Mulaney, is a funny standup. Elliot Gould might have made some good money for his part but his part is beneath him. Or else his part is just badly written.

Agent Carter has been good. I wonder if it will come back for another season. It is nice to see a period action drama on TV.


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