TV Thoughts 1-11-2015

Agent Carter is good. It is about the early days of the organization that became S.H.E.I.L.D and it features agent Peggy Carter. (She was seen in Captain America the first Avenger.) There are some nice touches of humor and I think the first two episodes were good. There will be another six episodes and possibly another season.

Forever is still good.  I think the premise might be limited over the long term but so far it is interesting. At time it feels a bit like an updated Sherlock Holmes.

From A to Z is almost done. It was an interesting show and enjoyable. It is funny but not exactly laugh filled. Maybe it didn’t fit well with Bad Judge, which was also canceled.

There are 3 versions of NCIS on air. Is that too many? I think they are only 2 Law and Orders left and only one CSI but I’d have to check on that. However the CSI spin-offs were successful and so were some of the Law and Order spin-offs.


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