Community season 6 thoughts

So far, the return of Community still doesn’t have an official date. I am looking forward to it. I like the show a lot but I wonder how much the cast changes will effect the show. 3 of the original seven core cast members won’t be back. Two regulars from season five won’t be back.

There will be new regulars. Last season two characters were added to the core group and it worked out pretty well.  Maybe it can work out again. However the show was hurt by the departure of Donald Glover’s Troy.

Writer/creator Dan Harmon has said that the new season will try to return to the feel of season one. I liked season one but I liked most of the show.  Maybe the show became too reliant on the concept episodes after season two. That is the big debate or difference of opinion because some people love the concept episodes.

Season 5 was good but maybe it relied too heavily on the concept episodes. Three of the thirteen episodes were concept episodes. Maybe a second Dungeons and Dragons episode was a bad idea in hindsight. (Or maybe not a bad idea exactly but it does seem like the show is becoming repetitive.)


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