Selma is a good film and sadly still relevant to 2015 America.  You wish that the story about a major event of the civil rights movement would be less relevant after 50 years. However, recent racial strife means this movie is relevant.

This is the story of Dr Martin Luther King (David Oyelowo) and his allies in Selma, Alabama. They have come to protest the ways that black people are being prevented from voting. One woman is asked to name the 67 county judges in Alabama. That seems obviously impossible.

King and his allies mean to provoke a response from the sheriff. That response, they hope, will lead to news coverage and then ultimately to change. In one city, they didn’t get the response that they wanted and feel that they didn’t accomplish as much as they could have or didn’t really accomplish much.

Malcom X pops up in a brief cameo to speak to Coretta Scott King. (Dr. King was in jail at the time.) That was an interesting scene. I don’t know if that scene really happened or not.

There is controversy about the portrayal of President Johnson. The movie paints Johnson as trying to get King to back down and even suggests that Johnson used the FBI to pressure King. It shouldn’t be necessary to make King more heroic by making Johnson a villain or an almost villain.

Overall, this is a good movie.


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