Movie thoughts 1-09-2015

Unbroken is decent.  Maybe it could have been a little shorter but I don’t regret seeing it. At least one Japanese guard at the prisoner of war camp is pretty brutal. Richard Roeper gave it a C+, which seems fair.  Lead actor Jack O’Connell was pretty good though.

I didn’t see the third Night at the Museum movie. It did not look good and reviews were not good. The only person who told me that he has seen it didn’t say it was really good.

Blackhat opens next week. Chris Hemsworth is trying to establish a career outside of the Marvel films.  (He cannot play Thor forever.) So far, the results are mixed. I have a feeling that Blackhat could be okay but not special.

Moviebob, on the Escapist website,  had a list of the twenty worst films of the year. I think twenty is too many. I figure ten is enough. I know it might have been a bad year for films.

Maybe I will see Selma this weekend.


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