Movie thoughts 1-7-2015

The first Ant-Man trailer is out. It is not bad. It is not great but it creates interest. There will probably be another trailer later.

I re-watched “I, Frankenstein” on Netflix. It is okay. I might not need (or want) to see it again ever but it is decent.  However it was not worth buying on DVD.

Foxcatcher comes out on DVD next month or in early March. I didn’t get to see it in theaters but I have a friend who did. He liked it. Some of the reviews are good.

2015 is going to be light on Superhero movies compared to 2016-2020. In 2018, I think there are supposed to be six superhero movies. I wonder if fatigue will start to set in.

Taken 3 promises to be the last Taken movie. (Like that promise couldn’t be broken.) I might see it. I probably won’t. Maybe I will be swayed by reviews.

Scarlett Johansson is getting another action movie, Ghost in the Shell. Lucy was successful. I am still not sure why there is not a Black Widow movie in the planning stages.


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