You Might Remember Me

Late actor and comedian Phil Hartman is probably best remembered for his time on Saturday Night Live and for his role on News Radio. He was great in both.  He might have been one of the best performers ever on SNL. Hartman also played characters like lawyer Lionel Hutz and actor Troy McClure on the Simpsons.

You Might Remember Me the Life and Times of Phil Hartman by Mike Taylor is a very good biography of Hartman. (The title is inspired by Troy McClure’s catchphrase.)  I learned a lot about Hartman that I didn’t know. For example I didn’t know that Hartman worked with Pee Wee Herman.  I enjoyed it.

Because of Hartman’s tragic death, I thought this book would be too sad. It is not. Although I did wonder what might have been if his tragic death hadn’t happened. The book also talks about the respect paid to Hartman after his death. His Simpsons characters have been retired.

The audiobook is good. It is read by Corey Snow, who does a good job. Author Thomas also wrote a book about Second City, the comedy group from Chicago. Many people from Second City later went on to Saturday Night Live, On the basis of this book, that earlier book might be worth checking out.


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