Movie year 2014 in review part 1

Superhero movies continue to be popular.  There were four superhero films and only the Amazing Spider-man 2 was not considered successful domestically (although I am surprised the movie reportedly cost so much). Guardians of the Galaxy was predicted to be a flop at one point (I wonder if some of those sites removed those predictions) but it wasn’t.  I liked all four superhero movies, even the Amazing Spider-man 2 (although it had problems).

the Superhero movies

  • Captain America the Winter Solider
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • X-men Days of Future Past
  • The Amazing Spider-man 2

I went to over thirty movies in 2014, including a few cartoons with my nieces and nephew. I only walked out of one early(a Walk Among the Tombstones), so that is not too bad. I only, in hindsight, would not have gone to maybe two or three movies. That is pretty good.

movies I probably should have skipped

  • Jersey Boys
  • the Legend of Hercules
  • a Walk Among the Tombstones

Jersey Boys is not that bad. I think the Broadway show might have been better and I am pretty sure it was more fun. In hindsight, I might have waited to see Jersey Boys when it came out on cable. I guess I could have skipped the Spider-man movie but I like the character too much.

The biggest surprise of the year might have been John Wick. It is probably not going to be considered anything more than a minor classic but it was surprisingly good. It is nice to see Keanu Reeves have a critical hit again.



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