Four movies that didn’t make the top ten list

I liked Gone Girl a lot but a friend and I were talking about it and I started to have doubts. I want to see how it holds up on re-watching. It was nice to see Tyler Perry as the defense lawyer, I thought he was pretty good.

I did like Divergent but there were a few plot points that took me out of the movie. Maybe in some ways the book is better.  I liked parts of it a lot. I still want to see the sequel.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1 was pretty good. Maybe it will seem better after I have seen part 2. It had some nice moments and the love triangle was not overdone.  (I am not anti-love triangles in general but this series doesn’t have a good one. Maybe the writing is at fault.)

Top Five was fun. However there were a few plot points that bothered me. (I don’t mean that these plot points bothered me in hindsight, they bothered me while watching the movie.) Maybe it would have been better with a quick rewrite.  This movie is Rock’s best film to date though.


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