Movie thoughts 12-21-2014

The Hobbit series will never be a classic. I liked the second film more than I expected to and maybe more than I should have. However, the series is bloated. It is oddly like the Amazing Spider-man 2, there are some good things in that film but enough bad things that I wonder who approved this script?

Apparently Cameron Diaz cannot sing according to some reviews of Annie. Why cast an actress who cannot sing for a musical? Did the producers ask her to sing before they finalized the deal? If not, why not? I am not ripping Diaz, not every actor can sing.

On second thought, maybe I will rip her. It is a musical and if she knew she cannot sing, she shouldn’t have tried out for it. Is it possible that she didn’t know that she can’t sing? I guess some people might not know that they have a below average singing voice.

It was a good movie year.  There was not a movie that made me feel like I don’t want to see another movie for two weeks. Amazing Spider-man 2 didn’t break me. I only walked out of one movie early.


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