Field of Dreams re-watched

Is this Kevin Costner’s best film? Maybe not but it might be one of his top five. I thought Dances with Wolves, which might be considered his best, was dull but I was younger then, maybe I’d like it better now.

This is a movie about a man, Ray (Costner) who hears a mysterious voice and then he builds a baseball field in his Iowa cornfield. After the field is built, the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson comes. Later more players from the past, including the other 1919 White Sox players, come and play baseball.

The mysterious voice is not done.  Ray travels to Chicago to find a reclusive writer played by James Earl Jones.

It is a good movie. Costner is really right for his part, and James Earl Jones was good. Amy Madigan was good as Costner’s wife too. It was Burt Lancaster’s last film.

I didn’t quite get why one character couldn’t see the ball players but then suddenly he could.  Maybe there was a plot point I missed.



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