Top Five

Top Five, Chris Rock’s new film, is pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot. It was funny. It is about a famous actor and comedian wanting to do more serious work.

It is a bit odd when Adam Sandler has a cameo playing himself but Rock is not playing himself.  It might be a long time since their SNL days but they were in those 2 Grown Ups movies together.

A couple of plot points seemed a bit far-fetched but this is Rock’s best movie. There is a mention of Bill Cosby in passing that maybe should have been edited out. There is a subplot that maybe could been safely edited out of the film without hurting it.

None of the trailers before Top Five were really good. I think there were six trailers and I only want to go to one of the movies (Into the Woods) previewed.  Kevin Hart has another movie coming out in January, he is really busy. Hart had a cameo as the agent of Rock’s character.

It was good to see Tracy Morgan. This might have been his last performance filmed before that wreck. He might never be the same again. It is kind a shame he doesn’t have more to do.



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